Focus and Scope

Journal of Tourism Economics and Policy is a journal developed by PT Keberlanjutan Strategis Indonesia (Sustainability Strategic Indonesia). The Journal of Tourism Economics and Policy aims to relate to current research on Tourism, Economics and Policy for achieving sustainable development goals, economics and policy. Journal of Tourism Economics and Policy published four issued in year i.e April – June, July – September, October – December, January – March. The scope of the Journal of Tourism Economics and Policy includes:

  • Tourism and Hospitality Development ;
  • Sharia Compliant Tourism;
  • Human Resource Management in Tourism;
  • Sustainability Tourism;
  • Tourist Behaviour;
  • Marketing-Tourism;
  • Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth
  • Industrial and Energy Policy;
  • Economic Policy;
  • Financial Economics and Banking
  • International Trade and Monetary Economics;
  • Finance and Financial Markets 
  • Environmental Economics;
  • Public and Business Economics;
  • Public administration of tourism development;
  • Terrorism, safety and security in tourism;
  • Advances in tourism policy-making;
  • Financial Economics and Banking
  • Agricultural Social Economy
  • Public Policy and Public Affairs
  • Public Administration Ethics;
  • Public Administation;
  • Public Service;
  • Manegement Human Resources in Public Sector;
  • Good Governance dan Local Governance;
  • Leadership Public Sector

However, the research objectives of the Journal of Tourism Economics and Policy are also to accept research articles based on qualitative, and quantitative paradigms and relevant research related to Tourism, Economics, and Policy.